Natxo Senchermés     Photographer&Graphic designer. Creative director

         Anna Senchermés     Photographer. Image&sound specialist. Communication director

Anna Senchermés began architecture studies but photography captivated her in 1993 when she began to study image and sound. Her dynamic and sincere style emphasized from the beginning, always focused on creating pure images. -"The superfluous and unnecessary distracts us from what really matters ... the emotions" - Anna Senchermés.

Natxo Senchermés is graphic designer and photographer by vocation. Since he was little he was fond of drawing, painting... He discovered photography from some works for the design school and captivates him its power to convey feelings. It is in 2003 when he joins Anna and together form Senchermés photography. - "A wedding is not a film shoot where the director orders as he wants, but a day for the couples to enjoy" - Natxo Senchermés.

 Welcome to our website. Here you will find information about our products, facilities, the service we offer, and of course, the essence and reason why we are professional photographers: our pictures.

Today a photograph is special; tomorrow it will be unrepeatable. It is our constant effort to find a special rapport.  We’ve found new ways of communication that transmit nature and sincerity.  Each work is unique and incomparable because every person we take a photograph of is special. The situations are different and the elements that influence every photo change so much, making it impossible to have two equals. 

Moreover, the photographer’s view is decisive on the final work’s result. What we offer is an auteur photography with the distinctive and personal Senchermés’ mark.    

On the wedding repots, what really moves us is the improvisation, without artificial or forced poses. As a photojournalists, our attitude reflect observers taking in what is going on making our goal to capture the glorious moments, emotions and details that are the essence of your wedding’s day.



When we work on more relaxed conditions like studio, kids, babies, events, fashion, product or portrait photography, we take the photos in our set by using scenes that are created by Senchermes, making them exclusive.  Outdoor photography is where the creative possibilities are unlimited and that’s something that we really enjoy.  Natural light offers tremendous visual opportunities for both indoor  and outdoor. It is our passion.



Senchermés fotografia also make reports of babies in their home or in our studio.  Photographing newborn babies is one of the most complicated areas of our profession. Because of this, we have acquired some essential rules for a good and satisfactory report based on the baby’s age, the environment where the session will be done, and meal and sleep times. In addition, we know that parents are so important. We must know that these kinds of sessions can last up to 3 hours (including the time when babies cry, feed and sleep).

Kids photography is one of our strongest points. Any age is perfect to make a nice and funny report. Working with kids requires the entering into a world of magic and fantasy, and it is very important to keep as special and endearing.

Elderly, families, boys and girls, pets, parrots, cats, turtles… everyone has a place and complete our work. Picture this… a landscape, a day in the snow or in the field, photos of home by the fireplace, playing wit your kids in the garden, on the beach, a day at the amusement park or in the zoo. We don’t have restrictions of displacement, both within and outside of Spain.

Having a unique memory is possible with Senchermes. Thank you very much for trusting us.